Palmetto Canning Co., Inc. is committed to excellence in the production of food items by continuously improving our food safety culture and food quality programs designed to provide for safe operating practices and conditions while providing value to our customers.


GMP/FOOD SAFETY POLICIES AND TRAINING. The company has established a Quality Systems Approach to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) policies. Specific procedures to accomplish this goal are written and filed as part of the company’s “Quality Manual/SOP”. The company’s “Quality Manual/SOP” is a commitment binding the operations to produce safe, quality and legal foods within the governing regulatory codes. Employees are trained on each SOP pertaining to their area of operation and those that pertain to general practices. The Food Quality Team evaluates its procedures and operations by a series of audits of its systems. A monthly audit of general operations and facilities and spot audits of quality systems, such as Master Cleaning Schedules, are conducted on a regular basis. These audits are evaluated and reviewed to establish system robustness or a need for change. Customer complaints along with field failures are also part of the evaluation process of our “Quality System”. All complaints are reviewed and evaluated to establish root cause and Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) as required by the failure investigation. As part of our goals and commitment with our customers and regulatory agencies, our Quality Systems aim to mitigate any risk that can compromise the safety and quality of our products, ensure that the necessary corrections and corrective actions are effectively taken, and sustainable practices and processes are guarantee through statistical evaluations and continuous improvement