Owned and operated by the Greenlaw family since 1927.

John Greenlaw founded Palmetto Canning in 1927. We originally only produced guava jelly. After WWII, John Greenlaw Jr. assumed control and diversified the operation into tomato canning and other canned products. About 1950, after the downturn in the tomato industry, he decided to take the company back to its core business, Guava Jelly. He expanded into private labeling for Goya Foods and other brands and achieved wide-spread distribution into grocery chains nationwide.

In 1982, Jonathan Greenlaw, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University (B.S. Business), assumed control. Wishing to expand the business, Jonathan diversified the company even further by increasing the product lines into many other flavors of tropical jellies, marinades, hot sauces, BBQ sauces, steak sauces, cocktail sauce, cooking wines, soy sauce, reduced sodium products and more.

2014: Palmetto Canning demolished the original canning plant building and constructed a new distribution warehouse in its place.